Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's so quiet

And I love it!!

Everyone, I am alone. All by myself. DJ is at work and the kids are at school. I took a few days off in case the school needs me for Ana. So here I sit. Doing absolutely nothing. I love the sound of *nothing* because it's so thrilling.

I need to hit the grocery store some time today and I should do a little baking. And I have a stack of books to read. I plan to plant myself on the couch and do absolutely nothing but read or watch TV for at least 4 hours. The thought is positively exhilarating.

I'm glad to be back to my blog after a little hiatus. Vacation...then football started...then Ana had her tonsils/adenoids out...then school prep. Add in my recurrent depression and I just quit going online for awhile. But day filled with luxurious time is a blogging day :)

And, it might just be bubble bath day. And chocolate chip cookie day. ;-)


Scottish Twins said...

Enjoy!! You deserve some time for yourself, mama!

Blessed said...

Oh, sounds sooooooooo nice!

And so nice to hear from you! (I'll post the secret to the oats in the comments to that post this morning when I get the chance. : )