I love coupons! My most recent deals...

June 26, 2011
I buy all my purses used. It's just principle, I guess. I also go in for quirky purses. Because of my self-imposed $5 price limit, and my requirements that the purse be small and unique, I sometimes search for awhile before finding a new purse. I've been carrying a round metal purse with a NYC skyline but the magnet broke. *sigh*  I decided to hit a Goodwill today and found a cute purse. It was barely bigger than my hand and has a key clip and it...and it was priced at exactly $5. was a blue ticket and all blue ticket items were $1!! New to me, excellent condition purse: $1.00!

June 26,2011
Local grocery store has ChiChi's tortillas on sale 2/$4. I had purchased $0.50 coupons and have been waiting through the sale cycle. They finally went on sale this week! I have 40 coupons and will make a few trips to stock up as these as kid favorites for lunches and snacks.
Puchased: 10 packs of tortillas for a sale price of $20
Saved: $10 with 10 coupons (store doubled)
Total cost: $10

June 10, 2011
I haven't bought new glasses in years but I've been seeing color flashes and thought it might be worth checking out. While I was there, I had my vision checked and learned it had changed slightly, which I had suspected. I walked out with my prescription and headed straight for Zenni. I ordered 2 pairs of glasses (this is one pair...other pair is no longer available,) both with anti-glare lens and my cost after shipping was $31.75! No coupons needed :)  We've ordered several pairs of glasses from Zenni and the prices can't be beat.

May 20, 2011
Found this on Facebook -  Free year online subscription (regularly $99) to a reading website for kids age 2-10 (typical and SN). Do not use the free two week trial link just go to register and enter the coupon code: learntoread. I signed up as soon as I checked it out - I have been searching for online resources for leveled books and was thrilled to find this!

May 18, 2011
Local drug store has Stride gum on sale 3/$2. I had purchased $1/2 coupons and have been waiting on a great sale.
Puchased: 33 packs of gum for a sale price of $22
Saved: $16 with 16 coupons
Total cost: $6 total, or $0.18 a pack.